Healing Cancer with Common Sense-Bệnh Ung Thư có thể chữa trị được

CANCER is curable NOW

Healing Cancer with Common Sense By Marcus and Sabrina Freudenmann

After watching loved ones with cancer die slow, ghastly deaths induced by the side effects of chemo or radiation, it occurred to us to ask the right question: Does it make sense to use toxic chemicals and harmful radiation in bodies that are already critically taxed? We knew intuitively–as does anyone who ponders this question logically–that there had to be better ways to heal cancer. So we went in search of them.

Did we find THE CURE for cancer?  No.

Did we find people who have legitimately and permanently healed cancer to live out the rest of their lives cancer-free?  Yes.


Did we find alternative clinical settings that avoid contemporary chemotherapy and radiation while employing more logical, sensible, COMMON SENSE solutions that work more often than do conventional methods?  Yes.

Cancer Is A Symptom

When you drive your car and the warning light comes on, you do not smash the red light and keep going. You react to the warning and look for the cause.

This is what we call common sense. You search for the reason that the light came on because it means there is a problem. Possible reasons that the warning light for your health came on can be: Deficiencies You are low in oils, minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, etc.

Blocked / Dirt / Toxic If your air filter is blocked, you don’t get enough oxygen, and your engine will not run properly. If your blood filters are clogged up, you can’t filter out all the toxins, so the whole system breaks down. If your exhaust is blocked, you can’t get rid of toxic waste, which poisons you from the inside out.

Bad Fuel You have filled your engine with bad or inadequate food, and your engine is not running on max power–or perhaps it’s not running at all!

Stiff and Cranky Your tires are flat, your joints and bearings are without any lubrication, and it’s painful to move. Therefore, you’d rather move less so that it does not hurt.

Low battery Your batteries are exhausted from the constant overload. You pull more voltage than you recharge. You install too many high voltage gadgets and toys and wonder why all your fuses pop. There are probably a few more problems which could be listed, such as the clutter you keep in your car and the attitude of the driver who is in a terrible mood, but I think you get the picture. Cancer is not the problem in the first place. It grows because you have other problems, which cause the red lights to come on and the sirens to alarm.

You Are Unique

This is a very critical point in healing. We are all different and unique and there is no single protocol that fits all of us. Yes, there are commonalities, and a detox is probably good for everyone. But there are many things that can poison you that might need to be detoxed from your system depending on your environment and your problems. You might have mercury-related problems, or maybe you are full of phthalates and other cosmetic toxins. Deficiencies are also a common problem, but what you are deficient in differs from person to person. In order to truly heal, you need to take into account all aspects of your life.

Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, David Getoff, and all of the others doctors we feature in our movie “Cancer Is Curable NOW” do this. They check into hundreds of factors which can lead to the disease in the first place.

The difference between you and anyone else starts with your genes.

* Did you inherit a solid, strong immune system or a weak one?

* Did you get a high toxic load from your mother?

* Are you from healthy stock, or do all of your ancestors suffer from certain deficiencies and diseases? * Have your parents lived a health-conscious life and maintained a healthy environment at home, or did no one care?

* Right from the start, did you get a big load of toxins with all the vaccines they injected into your young body, or did your parents refrain from getting you these toxic vaccinations?

* Did you get loads of antibiotics (anti-life) at a young age, destroying your natural immune system and intestinal milieu?

* Did you grow up walking in plenty of fresh air and playing sports, or did you grow up in a concrete jungle with high pollution and daily video game and TV sessions?

* Did you grow up on a farm with plenty of toxins, fertilizers, sprays, antibiotics, and other toxins?

* Did you . . .

As you can see already in those seven questions, you have a huge variety of possibilities, and the list could be 100 questions long. That’s why it’s essential that your health practitioner regards you as an individual and designs a treatment program suited to your needs. We are a whole, living being, and there is no separation between our mind and physical body. That’s why it’s crucial to understand your mental and emotional composure. Your mental attitude and your passion for life are of the utmost importance. If you have heavy emotional burdens that pull you down and you see disease as a blessing because it frees you from your daily routine, then all the healing in the world cannot help you. If your partner finally looks after you just because you are sick, when he or she never cared before, it’s going to be hard to get you well because you might fear that your relationship will return to its old status. Another really important part is that no organ operates by itself; everything is linked and interwoven with each other. Consequently, a weak thyroid or any other organ can create a chain reaction that eventually leads to a more serious condition like cancer. But in a case like that, it’s very hard to determine the original source of the problem. It could be a hereditary factor; therefore, it might be necessary to include your family history into the diagnosis. There are hundreds of different combinations and pathways which lead to cancer; therefore, every cancer protocol needs to be fitted personally to you.

What is right for you can be wrong for someone else. Don’t forget that disease is a process and never appears out of the blue without warning. We have many warning signs and symptoms before any kind of disease actually develops. Cancer is one of the last stages of a body’s breakdown. Many other imbalances and diseases were apparent beforehand. As disease is a process, healing is a process too. You cannot expect to be healed in a month or maybe even a year. Your body needs time to heal and mend. No chronic disease can be turned around instantaneously or speedily. You may feel an improvement in a very short time, but you must not stop there because the true healing has just begun.

Life is a process, disease is a process and cure is a process

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About the Authors:

(1)German-born Sabrina Freudenmann ND has invested years of research and a lifetime of study in the holistic treatment of degenerative diseases. She is also an Ayurvedic practitioner and has studied Anthroposophical lifestyle science. Her passion for the subject makes her an expert in pursuing the cause of diseases and recommending solutions that reveal great promise in eliminating or alleviating them.

(2) Marcus Freudenmann holds a Masters in architecture and interior design. He also has diplomas in art, graphic design and computer visualization. When their first son Benedict was born in 1992 with severe skin eczema, Marcus and Sabrina discovered that it’s not money that makes them happy but a healthy relationship and a healthy body. This instigated their move to New Zealand and Australia where they started a new life dedicated to alert consciousness for nature and the human body, mind and spirit.



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